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2011 What A Year

Well 2011 is over and what a year it was. I want to keep the opening of this short and sweet. So I am going to list some of my favorite and a few of my least favorite things in 2011.

#1 For me and this should go without saying. My greatest achievement in 2011 was this “little” guy. I use little in quote because the boy is is big in every way a baby can be. He has a giant smile, a huge personality , a monstrous mamas boy, and well he is just big. So my Sonny boy you are the best April Fools day gift ever.

#2 In my general topics. The rest of my Family now they are equally as awesome and Sonny boy , but Grayson has the distinction of being born in April 2011 so he narrowly beat out the rest of them. So Stephanie, Avonlea,and Cassius you all made 2011 a wonderful year I am so thankful to have you.

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Politics worst and well screw it was mostly worst
2011 in politics was only great if you hate yourself and cant manage to tear yourself away from the disarray and overall clusterfuckedness of it all. Here is what stood out for me in 2011

Anthony Weiner…you sir were a headline writers dream. If your last name is Weiner maybe dont take pictures of your weiner and send them to co-eds.

Meet him face to face and if you are a cute college girl you can meet the rest of him

Michele Bachmann…Michele, Michele, Michele. Where to start could it be your comment that the slave owning founding fathers fought to end slavery( not one but multiple times) maybe its was mixing up american icon John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy when you announced you were running for the office of the president. But I would have to say my favorite part of Michele is he commitment to do whatever her very very very not gay husband that turns gays into straights with magic wants her to do.

What is not to like??

Barack Obama… Barry buddy what happened. You win a preemptive Nobel Peace Prize and increase troops in Afghanistan. You pull the troops out of Iraq but continue the drone strikes. You campaigned on transparency and you managed to make your first term one of the most secretive in history. Now I now as president you cant be all things for all people it is impossible but you can stick to your guns and fight for what you believe. That being said here is a website that covers what he has done in his first term.


Sports Best and Worst
One word makes it all. Tebow…He seemingly being a good kid all discussions of Tebow become a shouting match on the merits of religion in sports. For the Tebow fans look be happy he won you some games, but just because he is winning and prays when he does something good does not mean everyone else has to love him as much as you. I boil down the argument to a simple thought. Remember the song “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. There was nothing wrong with that song at all, it was a simple cute little pop song. But then something sinister happened everywhere you turned that song was playing, rock stations , pop stations, country stations, on tv, everywhere it surrounded us. So it turned a decent little pop song into the devil screeching into our ears. I feel that is what Tebow became the whole world discussed it and forced their opinions on it making a decent enough guy ( who needs to work on his throwing motion) into an either you love him or hate him no in between. When you get to that point all objectivity and civility disappears.

Music just the best for music

TV Best and Worst
Dexter can anyone add to what makes Dexter so great not I. I thought it was as good as it could get when we had the trinity killer , but this seasons ending wow good work writers.

Game of Thrones- If you havent seen it ( or read it ) I feel bad for you , you have missed an epic of Tolkien level.

The League – The only show I watch that my wife laughs just as hard as I do. The secret I am convinced a husband wife writing team. Fantasy Football Forever

And finally the greatest show noe one is watching

Community – This show is epic. One of the greatest shows in the history of TV. Please please please please beg everyone to start watching this show. I promise you will not be let down.

Well that is it for 2011,I hope 2012 brings me to more writing( mostly for myself) and great years for all of you. If the world is going to end anyway fuck it do something awesome!!!