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New Music Tuesday

So what the hell happened to this place?? I guess I kind of got distracted from the idea of blogging, or at times I feel like I have nothing to say. Then at other times I get worried that I am going to offend or annoy with my opinions about things in general. After some thought and consideration, I decided that I don’t care. Now that may sound kind of dickish and in a way it is but hear me out. First off I am not sure anyone reads anything I type, so that is comforting. Second I am kind of a dick most of the time anyway…so I have that going for me.

Back to the subject at hand, New music Tuesday. It is one of my favorite days of the week. The day the music industry decided to release the new albums unto the world( and strangely vote I feel like Billy Madison on “Nudie magazine day” Tuesday. I start to mine Spotify( come on people it is time to go legit, 9$ a month unlimited downloads..Stop stealing music) downloading all the new music that seems or sounds interesting. Now this week may not have been the best week to start this up again, this Tuesday was kind of bleak( Taylor Swift is leading the way) So I am going to mine some of the stuff I have been enjoying from the start of 2012 and just kind of unload and start from there.

I ask myself all the time, “what kind of music are you into Mr. Edwards?”( I am very formal with myself) The answer is very simple I am into no one genre, I am into music as a whole. Music is lifeblood. Music is symbiotic to life in general, think of all the moments in your life that are tied to a song or soundtrack. You can remember song lyrics that are 30 years old and not remember birthdays of people in your family. Music just “is” for me, I refuse to be the dude that believes that music began and ended during the small window of my youth. Good music is out there if you just turn off the radio and listen.

Starting off(intended) with a new band with an old school Punk sound. OFF! features Kieth Morris from Black Flag/Circle jerks fame. The album clocks in at around 20 minutes with 15 songs. It makes me want to punch dinosaurs and smash glass figurines.

Next up is Mumford and Sons singing ” I will wait” this song has perfect harmony and a wonderful catchy melody, these british bastards do American folk better than most American groups…build build build BOOM

Ohh Miss Grace, you are fantastic. Sadly most people will only know the poppy stuff that ends up on the radio. Trust me folks this chick can flat WAIL. She is cute, can sing and rocks a flying V guitar in a just world she should be more famous than all these pop chicks. See her live and be blown away.

Jack White the man the myth the legend he will forever be a figure in the American musical landscape. He is constantly striving for more , using less. His vinyl releases this year were amazing.

The Heartless Bastards. This chick started making albums like two decades to late. Her droning voice and rock and roll minimalism never ever gets old

Baroness, these guys have taken metal to a new level. Making it accessible without making cheezy pop metal. John Baizley is the singer and heart and soul of the group, who happens to also be a talented artist

Buffalo Killers – Sometimes I love me some throwback rock and roll music. These guys have the beards the hair and the sounds to make it sound perfectly groovy.

Lee Baines & The Glory Fire – Bathe in the sounds of a band that will never be on the radio, but as you listen you know they are better than most of the bands on the radio

Ohhh MXPX – I will always have a soft spot for my boys from Bremerton. I will never forget watching them play Bumbershoot with my buddy Yall, and Mike tossed his bass 25 feet in the air to catch it and just keep playing. Then later after the show I literally ran into him…because he is like four feet tall, but just good dudes in a good band.

The Mars Volta – This is an album to listen when you have lots of time and an open mind. Mars Volta took what Pink Floyd was doing, made it more complicated and unleashed it on us all. I cant get enough, this album is very accessible, without giving up any of things that makes The Mars Volta who they are.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – This damn song is living in my brain, listen at your own peril. You will be humming this song everywhere you go ahhhhhhhhh

K’naan – taking hip-hop to a new place. This isn’t even the best song on the album.

Mike Ryan – does radio country music better than the people on country music stations

The Carolina Chocolate Drops – They are truly something to behold. It takes old school music to a whole new level. They play jugs and banjos and washboards. No drums they just beat box that. Miss out on this band and your heart will be sad.

Karen Dalton – Karen was part of the greenwich music scene and was kind of lost in the shuffle. She died in 1993 and this year her unreleased albums were released and should be shared. Her voice had a quiet passion and just sit back and listen.

Dinosaur Jr. – 90’s relics, made an album that is still relevant today.

NOFX – another of my all time favorite punk bands. Listen to them actually solve the war in the middle east with common sense solutions we can all agree with.

The Heavy – This band fits in with all the Motown stuff you love add a little rock edge and you get The Heavy

Here is the rest…get Spotify and share the music


2011 What A Year

Well 2011 is over and what a year it was. I want to keep the opening of this short and sweet. So I am going to list some of my favorite and a few of my least favorite things in 2011.

#1 For me and this should go without saying. My greatest achievement in 2011 was this “little” guy. I use little in quote because the boy is is big in every way a baby can be. He has a giant smile, a huge personality , a monstrous mamas boy, and well he is just big. So my Sonny boy you are the best April Fools day gift ever.

#2 In my general topics. The rest of my Family now they are equally as awesome and Sonny boy , but Grayson has the distinction of being born in April 2011 so he narrowly beat out the rest of them. So Stephanie, Avonlea,and Cassius you all made 2011 a wonderful year I am so thankful to have you.

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Politics worst and well screw it was mostly worst
2011 in politics was only great if you hate yourself and cant manage to tear yourself away from the disarray and overall clusterfuckedness of it all. Here is what stood out for me in 2011

Anthony Weiner…you sir were a headline writers dream. If your last name is Weiner maybe dont take pictures of your weiner and send them to co-eds.

Meet him face to face and if you are a cute college girl you can meet the rest of him

Michele Bachmann…Michele, Michele, Michele. Where to start could it be your comment that the slave owning founding fathers fought to end slavery( not one but multiple times) maybe its was mixing up american icon John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacy when you announced you were running for the office of the president. But I would have to say my favorite part of Michele is he commitment to do whatever her very very very not gay husband that turns gays into straights with magic wants her to do.

What is not to like??

Barack Obama… Barry buddy what happened. You win a preemptive Nobel Peace Prize and increase troops in Afghanistan. You pull the troops out of Iraq but continue the drone strikes. You campaigned on transparency and you managed to make your first term one of the most secretive in history. Now I now as president you cant be all things for all people it is impossible but you can stick to your guns and fight for what you believe. That being said here is a website that covers what he has done in his first term.

Sports Best and Worst
One word makes it all. Tebow…He seemingly being a good kid all discussions of Tebow become a shouting match on the merits of religion in sports. For the Tebow fans look be happy he won you some games, but just because he is winning and prays when he does something good does not mean everyone else has to love him as much as you. I boil down the argument to a simple thought. Remember the song “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer. There was nothing wrong with that song at all, it was a simple cute little pop song. But then something sinister happened everywhere you turned that song was playing, rock stations , pop stations, country stations, on tv, everywhere it surrounded us. So it turned a decent little pop song into the devil screeching into our ears. I feel that is what Tebow became the whole world discussed it and forced their opinions on it making a decent enough guy ( who needs to work on his throwing motion) into an either you love him or hate him no in between. When you get to that point all objectivity and civility disappears.

Music just the best for music

TV Best and Worst
Dexter can anyone add to what makes Dexter so great not I. I thought it was as good as it could get when we had the trinity killer , but this seasons ending wow good work writers.

Game of Thrones- If you havent seen it ( or read it ) I feel bad for you , you have missed an epic of Tolkien level.

The League – The only show I watch that my wife laughs just as hard as I do. The secret I am convinced a husband wife writing team. Fantasy Football Forever

And finally the greatest show noe one is watching

Community – This show is epic. One of the greatest shows in the history of TV. Please please please please beg everyone to start watching this show. I promise you will not be let down.

Well that is it for 2011,I hope 2012 brings me to more writing( mostly for myself) and great years for all of you. If the world is going to end anyway fuck it do something awesome!!!

My 24 hours of radio the first hour

So I got this idea while complaining about listening to the radio. I thought to myself 24 hours is a long time. To make a playlist for a radio station you have to compromise and play what is “popular” at the time and play the shit out of it. SO I decided to challenge myself and go one hour at a time. I also decided to up the ante and do 60 minutes with no commercial breaks. I also made up rules as I went along sometimes choosing themes as opposed to just playing music. Now my musical tastes are so random I am guessing I have to break this into two different radio stations one for the lighter side and the other for the heavier side. I was fun to do and also very random but alas here is the first hour 0500-0600

I call this first hour the hour of normalcy, I tried to play songs that make people comfortable and feel like songs they know and couple in a few songs that may be new to them

Albums from the year I was born

Now sometimes you hear people say that they were “born in the wrong decade”. I feel like I was born at the exact right time. Now don’t get me wrong I love the passion and the music in the 60’s, and well the 80’s happened I wouldn’t think anyone would want to admit that they did however. I was born at the tail end of the 70’s… the decade of what?? I am not really sure, it seems like at that point in the decade where America was trying to decide what it was and who it was. The hippy generation was slowly fading away and disco was not quite dead yet in 1979 but I think it was gasping for that last breath. New music was emerging, punk rock , new wave, and whatever the hell you want to call the talking heads( besides awesome) So I decided to compile the albums from the year I was born some are good , some are bad, others are well different. But without further ado here is my list of my favorite albums the ear I was born…1979

First up Supertramp – Breakfast in America. Sadly most of the younger generation will only know the title song from this album from a sample used by the gym class heroes. What they are missing is the wonderful poppy gems that lace this album. Breakfast in America is a fine song but it pales in comparison to the song “goodbye Stranger” just a wonderful piece of Beatles inspired pop. Bonus Micheal Scott from “the office” immortalized it with his version called “Goodbye Toby”

Next up Cheap Trick – Live at Budokan. This to me is a great example of live music. The sound of the girls just losing their collective shit every time Robin Zander begins to sing, and the freak that is Rick Nielsen on guitar you cant go wrong. Come for the ” I want you to want me” stay for the Fats Domino cover “aint that a shame”

Pink Floyd – Animals. My favorite Pink Floyd album. I know The Wall and Dark side of the Moon will always be the ones most remembered, but Animals just feels like the guys just playing and being the music. I am sure the orwellian overtones would make some call me a socialist , but I just dig the songs. They are angry and sad and interestingly very poignant in the times we are living in.

Bob Dylan – Slow Train Coming. Ohh Bob did you piss some people off with this record. Bob finds Jesus and his fan base doesn’t know what to do with that. His friendship with Johnny Cash is what kind of pushed him in this temporary direction. The vocals are Bob at his Dylanist but “gotta serve somebody ” still resonates today

The Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady, Early punk rock done right with the singles “orgasm addict” and “ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldntve ), and “Harmony in my head” just raw passionate and against the curve. What I love about early punk rock albums is that as much as they were against the status quo the pop influences abound inside this record.

Tom Petty – Damn the Torpedoes. What can I say about Tom that hasn’t already been said…Not a damn thing

Now its time for a few ladies that made albums in the year I was born

Blondie – Eat To the Beat. Debbie Harry just oozes sexuality and punk rock edge, a hard combo to work effectively. She was punk rock and playing with the boys a difficult thing to accomplish in 1979 but she did it with grace and this chick kicks ass

Pat Benatar – In the heat of the Night. The worlds introduction the the woman who told us hell is for children. I heard Pat sing live on some show the other day and she still has it. Here is the most popular song from that album, just try not to enjoy it.

Queen – Live Killers. Now you may think including two live albums is cheating because most of the songs from these albums came out before 1979. Tough shit the album was released in 1979 and an example of what live music used to be not the fake pre recorded crap that people pass off as live now. Freddy rocked it in the studio and live. All these singers today wish they could sing into a computer as well as Freddy sang live. Long live the Queen

and finally my favorite album from the year I was born

The Clash – London Calling. An album to me that is important as the Beatles. It will define what punk rock is and will be for generations. From the album art riffing on the Elvis Presley album, to the songs and lyrics. This is my desert island album. Joe Strummer was one of my heroes and this album will always have a place in my heart.

So I guess looking at the last date that I have posted its been awhile. Well a newborn tends to distract a little from your time for silly things like blogging and sleeping and things like that. Well as info Grayson is doing great he is roughly the size of a small pony and isn’t really slowing down in the growth department. He is a rad kid however still not huge fan of his daddy, but i am sure as he gets older he will come around. I will argue that I am at a distinct disadvantage with my wife because she has the boobs that feed him.

So what was on my mind tonight was art and what exactly makes something art. Now I will never say that I am a person that is or even pretends to be artistic in any way, but some things just really draw me in. I am not sure if those things that draw me in are in fact art or if some who is into art would just shake their hipster heads in disgust. But my theory is that art is what make you say hell yea that is awesome, or something like wow I would hang that in my house right this instant. Now for me I love pop art I love the Andy Warhol idea , take something normal and basically give it right back to you but with colors or a riff on something in pop culture, I cant get enough stuff like

Now is that art i am not sure but I like it. I like it when people take a simple idea or two simple ideas and blend them into something enjoyable. Another thing I like is re imagining of concepts like

I cant get enough of it. But is it really art. Or i guess the bigger question is do I really give a shit what is art or what is not …I am thinking the answer to that is no.

So anyway short post I hope to get back at it a little more. Even if no one ever reads this, sometimes its good just to type some stuff out. Why keep it all rattling inside.

Now onto some thing I have been reading and listening to.

First reading I am reading the Song of Fire and Ice series from George R.R. Martin and watching the HBO show a Game of thrones which is based on the book. First off if you haven’t read the books or just watched the first season but never read the books…please do. It is fantastic and well worth the thousands of pages in the series. Even my ” I don’t really care for fantasy wife is hooked ” so it must be good


well right now on kid duty I have been watching lots of wow wow wubzy not sure if that counts

Game of Thrones – best show on tv right now

Firefly – I cant believe I missed out on this show nerd self should be really disappointed

Grayson Marshall

You know I thought to myself after having my daughter how can I find the love inside me to love another child when I love her so much. After that I met my little Cashman and was like well that was easy he is awesome and I love him just as much. The same thought crept in again as we prepared to meet little Grayson but as I sit here looking over at him he makes my heart melt. He is wonderful and perfect and I feel so blessed that I get to have him always. I am thankful my wife has blessed me with three beautiful children she is tough beautiful and amazing( editorial note my wife has started editing this blog not this post because she is in a hospital bed,(( because I have terrible grammar and punctuation)) but had nothing with the addition of that comment she is awesome) Now the mushy stuff is out-of-the-way here are some of my other thoughts.

Coming from a sports-centric family I view many things through the prism of a coach or athlete. Before Grayson my wife and I had the kids fairly well covered, man to man coverage. With the addition of a third I have to teach my wife the intricacies of playing zone defense. Now I am a fan of the zone, but it only works when the whole team clicks and understands thier assignments. Zone defense is all about being in the right place at the right time, and the same holds true while parenting. My daughter is cautious and thoughtful in her approach to life so she gets the soft side of the zone, you don’t forget about her but you also don’t need to focus all your attention that way. My older son is a ball of fire, a human wrecking ball with no thought for his safety while performing any task. So my first instinct is to move the bulk of the pressure over to his side leaving my daughter with an opportunity to beat the coverage. The issue with that logic is my daughter is a skilled tactition a sniper forgetting about her could cost you the game. Now Grayson is here,and while he is little,he demands more coverage and unfortunately I do not match up well with a baby. His mom is better equipted to handle that( mammaries) So my thought is you play Cash with a little bump and run make sure he knows you are serious and a little physical just to keep him honest and slide over the hook zone and be on the look out for the unassuming daughter across the middle.

Next problem is the fact that I have two boys nows. Having two boys in ancient times was a sign of your prowess as a man. My issue is I am not very manly, I just don’t have that built into my DNA. I do like sports, beer, boxing, scotch, guitars, and other things of varying degrees of manliness. I just worry about being able to teach my boys some of the things that I wished I knew how to do. Fix a car, build a house ( hell even fix something in a house) These are things I have tried to do with little success and mostly failures. I would like to help my boys to be the most well rounded kids they can be. I do have things I can show them. Music, I love music I love playing my guitars and singing( my wife also plays and sings the difference is she sings beautifully and I sing tolerably)  and just listening to music. I am not worried at all that my boys will have music in their lives. Sports I love to watch and play most sports. My family like I stated before is a sports-centric family I have a member of the family that can teach my kids any sports they want to learn with few exceptions, and with those exceptions I am sure my mom could coach them, because I am convinced she can coach any sport because she understands how to motivate people. So I have a couple of things covered. But that still leaves the fix-it side of parenting and I know I have spent some time already talking about this and maybe it isnt that big of a deal. I guess I can work on my kids being smart, interesting ,fun, funny, musical ,and awesome and they wont have to worry about learning how to fix things because they can pay people to do these tasks. Is that a cop out?? Probably but we will see. So without further ado here is a little bit of Grayson Marshall

Well that is all for now here are some things that I have been listening to and watching while in the hospital.

Achilles to Zeppelin…naming a baby is hard

So the final day is fast approaching before Baby Edwards Number Three makes his appearance. The difference between him and the last two kids is as of this moment he does not have a name. The last two kids it seemed easy, very little back and forth or discussion and boom! We had a name. This time, not so much. Why is naming this little one so hard? My wife and I have fought tooth and nail trying for common ground in a name and it usually ends with something like, “I hate that name and it will never be.”  It can be so frustrating at times. I pick a name and my wife makes a leap of logic to how that name could be turned into a tool of torture for kids in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I think that is important too, but I never go as far as her leaps of logic go ( Atticus = Fatticus).  Me being me, my suggestions usually are in the realm of  athlete references or off the wall stuff that I like. So instead of going on and on about the frustrations of naming a child, I will just give you some examples of the names we have been fighting over:

Orson – Orson is not a name I hate. I like that is has historical references (Orson Welles) I just did not want my child associated with a version of him from “F for Fake”…But Early Orson Welles? Not so bad.











Roland – Roland was another pick of mine. It was chosen for the connection to books that we both like (The Dark Tower series ) and I enjoyed all of the potential nicknames and shortenings you could do with it ( Rollie, Rolls, Roll) But truthfully the whole time I was thinking about how awesome Rollie was as a nickname ’cause of this guy











Silas – Silas was a choice from my wife and as far as she is concerned this is still in contention. My issue with Silas is kind of abstract. I don’t hate it–it’s not a bad name in and of itself. To me however just screams Bad Guy. Like if you were creating a super hero of some sort, Silas would make total sense as the evil villain. I can see the headlines: “Who will stop Silas and his evil reign!?!” Also, my father-in-law said it sounds like a kid from one of those polygamist or Amish compounds. So my wife let it go a bit….for now.

Could be a Silas

Satchel – Another one of my picks and one I was completely serious about. My wife however vetoed instantly and I was so confused. She said ” Vern. I will not name my son after a freaking purse.” That honestly never even crossed my mind. The whole time I was thinking Satchel Paige, the famous Negro League and Major League  pitcher, who I might add was the first person from the Negro Leagues inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The man played professional baseball  for forty years. He was the man who started the big leagues into considering integration. He paved the way for Jackie Robinson. Joe DiMaggio said he was the best pitcher he ever faced…but no…he’s a freaking purse.











Lincoln – Lincoln was kind of a mutual name, so at the hint of that we had a glimmer of hope. How can you go wrong with it? One of the most popular presidents ever, dude mended the rift in the Union, had a rad beard ( kind of Silas- Amish-like) and he freed the slaves. It’s a rock solid name. How could is possibly fail??? By shortening it to Link…my wife, who is as anti-video game as they come, did not see the awesomeness of Link as I did. I loved the legend of Zelda as a child ( I still do). I saw it as perfect. She did not… and another one bites the dust.











Waylon – Waylon was a me pick again. I figured it works so well, having a baby already named Cash, its a match made in heaven right? My wife had several objections to Waylon. First, “Why would you want to name a baby after the sound that babies make?” (wailing). Touche’  I guess that is a valid point. Second argument was that having a Cash ( real name Cassius) and then having a Waylon sounds way too country for the people we are. Now we do live in rural Oregon but in no way do we identify as “country.” So again, valid point. I just think it sounds rad and I would like to say ” Stop your wailin’, Waylon.”











Zeppelin – Zeppelin was a late pick of mine. Again I was not kidding and the name would be original. My wife just flat out will not concede on that one. She gives me an absolute NO. Here are some reasons why it would be awesome. First he’d be named after one of the greatest, most-known rock bands the world has ever seen. Second, every rock station across this great country has a day of the week where that have a “Get the Led Out” morning where all morning it’s just Led Zeppelin songs. Third, (and this was a suggestion from my brother-in- law) You could have Led Zeppelin playing during the birth ( its a c-section this time so it will have to be a short version). But how rad is that? My wife thinks if you go that far, Immigrant Song would be a better fit. But still, no.











So there were a few examples as we get closer and closer. Baby Edwards needs a name….please help.

Now for some music I have been listening to…..


The Revolution will not be televised……but

It’s going to be blogged, facebooked, twittered, strung across the news with user taken videos with cell phones and flip cameras. We live in an age where almost every move we make, thought we have, and stance we take can instantly be uploaded, criticized, validated and twisted. The Government was overthrown in Egypt with Twitter and the fights in Libya and Wisconsin are being followed on facebook and youtube. Instant information and all of it we can possibly want But is that a bad thing?? I have heard it said many times that as a culture we are going down the tubes on the highway to hell.  But have things really changed?? I am not convinced they have changed at all. Lets go back in the way back machine and take a look at a few examples. Lets go back first to tribes with their ritual slaughter, sacrificing the virgin and the state of almost constant warfare. They had almost no access to information. The information they had something that an old dude in the tribe decided was worth sharing and of course it was shared in whatever tone or angle suited the man(sounds like cable news). Jump ahead awhile and we land in Ancient Rome the age of enlightenment philosophers and watching people get devoured by lions and games that ended in death sounds like fun. Our great forefathers the men who created the greatest country on earth and they thought people with some pigment in their skin were less than fully human. I could go on and on with the examples (Christians witch burning crusades KKK)  I think the fact is that now we are all confronted with the oppression the dictators  of the world their power is being deflated. Now the whole world can watch and say hold up this is bullshit you don’t get to treat people this way.

But the point is as a society I think we are getting better, but now all and I mean all of our dirty deeds are being documented. Everyone gets a chance to comment on a news story half of it is insane ramblings about a quarter is trolls trying to get a response and somewhere in the midst of that a few people are trying to have a real discussion.  The adage if it bleeds it leads has been around since I am sure news began, but now with a 24 hour news cycle they have to fill space so now if it bleeds it leads all day until someone famous gets arrested or more bloodshed and death. But for the most part those are the small stories the stories of redemption and hope are not interesting enough to make a show about (but Jersey Shore is ??) This winter when the east coast had their major snow storm I was reading on twitter about Mayor Cory Booker of Newark New Jersey( someone from Jersey who deserves a show) He was documenting the good people of Newark(and himself) as they helped dig out and rescue their fellow citizens. Not a peep on the news …. here is a mayor of a major American city actually being a servant of the people and nothing. Some may argue that it’s not newsworthy and their in-lies the problem we the people choose what is popular. The same people who went crazy for the macarana , the Chia pet, and Pet Rock. We the people who made Elvira by the Oakridge boys a number gotdamn number one song on the music charts. We make the top-selling magazines the glossy ones that shows celebrity gossip and who is divorcing who.

So ultimately its up to us we get to decide. There is a line from a song by the band against me! that has always stuck with me the line goes something like “we can be the bands that we are wanting to hear”. So instead of complaining that the world is a terrible place and we are all going to hell. Make a choice to be part of what you want the world to be. Just sitting around with your faith is a waste of time faith without works is dead.Use this information super wave for important things(and not just porn) Share happy moments share ideas share love. Be a part of the revolution and it will be televised…….

Now something different this post has made me feel like some old Punk rock music. I know that by admitting this next part I am admitting that I am not cool but those who know me already know that. I don’t have an IPOD or Ianything for that matter. My MP3 player is a Zune I know what is a Zune, but let me explain. First cheaper than IPOD. Second same memory capacity as IPOD. Third music subscription service so instead  of buying a song a dollar at a time( or steal them know who you are) I just download what I want when I want for the price of a cd a month. Unlimited downloads. So far i am over 78,000 downloads I just get a whim of something I want to hear and boom it’s there. Perfect for a music nerd like me. Anyway back to the punk Rock my Top 10 old school punk rock records( in no Particular order)

1. Ramones – Ramones

2. London Calling – The Clash

3. Damaged – Black Flag

4. Suffer – Bad Religion

A grey album cover has the band name "Descendents" in large, bold, capital letters across the top. Across the bottom, in smaller capital letters, is the title "Milo Goes to College". In the center of the cover is a line drawing caricature of singer Milo Aukerman, illustrated from the shoulders up wearing a collared shirt and tie. His neck is slender and curves out as it heads upward, ending at the rims of a pair of rectangular glasses. The top of his head is not drawn, but his hair is represented by a series of short vertical lines above the glasses. His eyes and nostrils are represented by small black dots, and his mouth by a horizontal line drawn across the neck.

5.  Milo Goes to College – Descendents

6. Singles Going Steady – The Buzzcocks

7. Rocket To Russia – The Ramones

8. Los Angeles – X

9. Repeater – Fugazi

10. Mommy’s Little Monster – Social Distortion

The why of it ??

I decided to start blogging rather impulsively, I tend to say and spout nutty things that mostly my wife is the only victim. That is of course unless she posts them as context-free quotes from her husband on her Facebook page, so i am thinking that maybe blogging will help bring about some context to some of these ideas and thoughts.

I had several ideas for stories/movies recently. Here is the problem, I tend to be more of an idea guy not much on the follow through of said idea. I also am not much of a writer I can think through an idea but I know my grammar is not up to par for some of the grammar policemen that wander spouting critiques on every comment that they see, and only through the grace of spell check can I get most of the words spelled correctly. That all said here are my ideas…..

First idea I was thinking of a police procedural but a different setting . Abroad in war times. The protagonist of the story is a man who seemingly lives a normal life and for familiarity after the fact all of the people asked will mention to the reporters that he just seemed quiet but a nice enough guy when you talked to him. But as with any twisted soul he is carrying a dark secret with him as he enlists….ready for the first reveal …he likes to kill people in fact he feels that he has to kill people its his “dark passenger” I know I know dexter but that term is just for clarity. During boot camp he keeps things kind of under wraps an accident that seems strange here and a guy who goes AWOL there. But finally he is off to war. With the chaos and confusion he is able to move about almost freely offing people as often as the urge arises. The hero in my story is a young soldier in his platoon let’s make him from the mid west somewhere good ol american blue-eyed boy, a hero of his small town leaving the local police force to join the military to do his part to serve his country. When he first meets the killer he just gets the bad vibe something about this guy he just doesn’t like. He tells some of his buddies( comic relief best friend a sex crazed know it all from New York or maybe a loud redneck from Texas hmm ) about how he feels and they just pass it off as the naive emotions of a fish out of water. Smash cut to many scenes of our killer doing horrible things and the aftermath being passed off as tragedy of war events. Our hero decides to look into himself when his buddy(the redneck/loud mouth) gets killed in a horrible way. Move to climactic investigation than final showdown with the killer that ends with of course the hero saving the day and doing the right thing by turning him over to the authorities. Of course I think it has to scar(maybe literally??) the hero in someway but I will work out those beats another time( no I won’t)

Second Idea my wife and i had to buy a new car the other day. That is what the .75 in the number of my kids is about when he becomes the whole number and a third child we were not going to have enough room in our old car bye-bye Subaru. Anyway the idea came from when the sales person was trying to sell us gap insurance. In short creating macabre scenarios that resulted in using taking a total loss on the car the minute we left the dealership and this insurance will be the only thing to save us certain doom. So my second idea was a man or maybe for a change of pace a woman?? anyway a person is selling insurance and tragedy befalls them and is the straw that breaks the camels back and they go off the deep end. They decide that the people who choose not to buy insurance deserve the bad things that happen to them, or so it starts after a while they decide to make the people who choose not to take care of themselves pay at their hands. You don’t want that full coverage WHAM your car is destroyed. You laugh at fire insurance your house is burned down. Scoff at life insurance he or she will make the people you love pay. Rough idea but I think it would if I could string together a sentence.

When I told my wife of these ideas I said “I would read a story like this” and she replied back of course you would it was your idea” dammit she is probably right

Unrelated to all of that my favorite new album of February a band called the Civil Wars. Its pitch perfect harmonies and I can’t get enough for it. Suggested song to download to get a taste “Barton’s Hallow” check it out and don’t let the Bieber win