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Albums from the year I was born

Now sometimes you hear people say that they were “born in the wrong decade”. I feel like I was born at the exact right time. Now don’t get me wrong I love the passion and the music in the 60’s, and well the 80’s happened I wouldn’t think anyone would want to admit that they did however. I was born at the tail end of the 70’s… the decade of what?? I am not really sure, it seems like at that point in the decade where America was trying to decide what it was and who it was. The hippy generation was slowly fading away and disco was not quite dead yet in 1979 but I think it was gasping for that last breath. New music was emerging, punk rock , new wave, and whatever the hell you want to call the talking heads( besides awesome) So I decided to compile the albums from the year I was born some are good , some are bad, others are well different. But without further ado here is my list of my favorite albums the ear I was born…1979

First up Supertramp – Breakfast in America. Sadly most of the younger generation will only know the title song from this album from a sample used by the gym class heroes. What they are missing is the wonderful poppy gems that lace this album. Breakfast in America is a fine song but it pales in comparison to the song “goodbye Stranger” just a wonderful piece of Beatles inspired pop. Bonus Micheal Scott from “the office” immortalized it with his version called “Goodbye Toby”

Next up Cheap Trick – Live at Budokan. This to me is a great example of live music. The sound of the girls just losing their collective shit every time Robin Zander begins to sing, and the freak that is Rick Nielsen on guitar you cant go wrong. Come for the ” I want you to want me” stay for the Fats Domino cover “aint that a shame”

Pink Floyd – Animals. My favorite Pink Floyd album. I know The Wall and Dark side of the Moon will always be the ones most remembered, but Animals just feels like the guys just playing and being the music. I am sure the orwellian overtones would make some call me a socialist , but I just dig the songs. They are angry and sad and interestingly very poignant in the times we are living in.

Bob Dylan – Slow Train Coming. Ohh Bob did you piss some people off with this record. Bob finds Jesus and his fan base doesn’t know what to do with that. His friendship with Johnny Cash is what kind of pushed him in this temporary direction. The vocals are Bob at his Dylanist but “gotta serve somebody ” still resonates today

The Buzzcocks – Singles Going Steady, Early punk rock done right with the singles “orgasm addict” and “ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldntve ), and “Harmony in my head” just raw passionate and against the curve. What I love about early punk rock albums is that as much as they were against the status quo the pop influences abound inside this record.

Tom Petty – Damn the Torpedoes. What can I say about Tom that hasn’t already been said…Not a damn thing

Now its time for a few ladies that made albums in the year I was born

Blondie – Eat To the Beat. Debbie Harry just oozes sexuality and punk rock edge, a hard combo to work effectively. She was punk rock and playing with the boys a difficult thing to accomplish in 1979 but she did it with grace and this chick kicks ass

Pat Benatar – In the heat of the Night. The worlds introduction the the woman who told us hell is for children. I heard Pat sing live on some show the other day and she still has it. Here is the most popular song from that album, just try not to enjoy it.

Queen – Live Killers. Now you may think including two live albums is cheating because most of the songs from these albums came out before 1979. Tough shit the album was released in 1979 and an example of what live music used to be not the fake pre recorded crap that people pass off as live now. Freddy rocked it in the studio and live. All these singers today wish they could sing into a computer as well as Freddy sang live. Long live the Queen

and finally my favorite album from the year I was born

The Clash – London Calling. An album to me that is important as the Beatles. It will define what punk rock is and will be for generations. From the album art riffing on the Elvis Presley album, to the songs and lyrics. This is my desert island album. Joe Strummer was one of my heroes and this album will always have a place in my heart.