New Music Tuesday

So what the hell happened to this place?? I guess I kind of got distracted from the idea of blogging, or at times I feel like I have nothing to say. Then at other times I get worried that I am going to offend or annoy with my opinions about things in general. After some thought and consideration, I decided that I don’t care. Now that may sound kind of dickish and in a way it is but hear me out. First off I am not sure anyone reads anything I type, so that is comforting. Second I am kind of a dick most of the time anyway…so I have that going for me.

Back to the subject at hand, New music Tuesday. It is one of my favorite days of the week. The day the music industry decided to release the new albums unto the world( and strangely vote I feel like Billy Madison on “Nudie magazine day” Tuesday. I start to mine Spotify( come on people it is time to go legit, 9$ a month unlimited downloads..Stop stealing music) downloading all the new music that seems or sounds interesting. Now this week may not have been the best week to start this up again, this Tuesday was kind of bleak( Taylor Swift is leading the way) So I am going to mine some of the stuff I have been enjoying from the start of 2012 and just kind of unload and start from there.

I ask myself all the time, “what kind of music are you into Mr. Edwards?”( I am very formal with myself) The answer is very simple I am into no one genre, I am into music as a whole. Music is lifeblood. Music is symbiotic to life in general, think of all the moments in your life that are tied to a song or soundtrack. You can remember song lyrics that are 30 years old and not remember birthdays of people in your family. Music just “is” for me, I refuse to be the dude that believes that music began and ended during the small window of my youth. Good music is out there if you just turn off the radio and listen.

Starting off(intended) with a new band with an old school Punk sound. OFF! features Kieth Morris from Black Flag/Circle jerks fame. The album clocks in at around 20 minutes with 15 songs. It makes me want to punch dinosaurs and smash glass figurines.

Next up is Mumford and Sons singing ” I will wait” this song has perfect harmony and a wonderful catchy melody, these british bastards do American folk better than most American groups…build build build BOOM

Ohh Miss Grace, you are fantastic. Sadly most people will only know the poppy stuff that ends up on the radio. Trust me folks this chick can flat WAIL. She is cute, can sing and rocks a flying V guitar in a just world she should be more famous than all these pop chicks. See her live and be blown away.

Jack White the man the myth the legend he will forever be a figure in the American musical landscape. He is constantly striving for more , using less. His vinyl releases this year were amazing.

The Heartless Bastards. This chick started making albums like two decades to late. Her droning voice and rock and roll minimalism never ever gets old

Baroness, these guys have taken metal to a new level. Making it accessible without making cheezy pop metal. John Baizley is the singer and heart and soul of the group, who happens to also be a talented artist

Buffalo Killers – Sometimes I love me some throwback rock and roll music. These guys have the beards the hair and the sounds to make it sound perfectly groovy.

Lee Baines & The Glory Fire – Bathe in the sounds of a band that will never be on the radio, but as you listen you know they are better than most of the bands on the radio

Ohhh MXPX – I will always have a soft spot for my boys from Bremerton. I will never forget watching them play Bumbershoot with my buddy Yall, and Mike tossed his bass 25 feet in the air to catch it and just keep playing. Then later after the show I literally ran into him…because he is like four feet tall, but just good dudes in a good band.

The Mars Volta – This is an album to listen when you have lots of time and an open mind. Mars Volta took what Pink Floyd was doing, made it more complicated and unleashed it on us all. I cant get enough, this album is very accessible, without giving up any of things that makes The Mars Volta who they are.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – This damn song is living in my brain, listen at your own peril. You will be humming this song everywhere you go ahhhhhhhhh

K’naan – taking hip-hop to a new place. This isn’t even the best song on the album.

Mike Ryan – does radio country music better than the people on country music stations

The Carolina Chocolate Drops – They are truly something to behold. It takes old school music to a whole new level. They play jugs and banjos and washboards. No drums they just beat box that. Miss out on this band and your heart will be sad.

Karen Dalton – Karen was part of the greenwich music scene and was kind of lost in the shuffle. She died in 1993 and this year her unreleased albums were released and should be shared. Her voice had a quiet passion and just sit back and listen.

Dinosaur Jr. – 90’s relics, made an album that is still relevant today.

NOFX – another of my all time favorite punk bands. Listen to them actually solve the war in the middle east with common sense solutions we can all agree with.

The Heavy – This band fits in with all the Motown stuff you love add a little rock edge and you get The Heavy

Here is the rest…get Spotify and share the music


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