My 24 hours of radio the first hour

So I got this idea while complaining about listening to the radio. I thought to myself 24 hours is a long time. To make a playlist for a radio station you have to compromise and play what is “popular” at the time and play the shit out of it. SO I decided to challenge myself and go one hour at a time. I also decided to up the ante and do 60 minutes with no commercial breaks. I also made up rules as I went along sometimes choosing themes as opposed to just playing music. Now my musical tastes are so random I am guessing I have to break this into two different radio stations one for the lighter side and the other for the heavier side. I was fun to do and also very random but alas here is the first hour 0500-0600

I call this first hour the hour of normalcy, I tried to play songs that make people comfortable and feel like songs they know and couple in a few songs that may be new to them


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The occasional thoughts of a regular dad just trying to make sense of it all. I have 3 kids and a giant black polar dog. My wife is forced to endure my inane thoughts and musings all the time, blogging might give her a break. *Caution will contain grammar and Sellpnig Errors* View all posts by fatherofthreemasterofnone

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