So I guess looking at the last date that I have posted its been awhile. Well a newborn tends to distract a little from your time for silly things like blogging and sleeping and things like that. Well as info Grayson is doing great he is roughly the size of a small pony and isn’t really slowing down in the growth department. He is a rad kid however still not huge fan of his daddy, but i am sure as he gets older he will come around. I will argue that I am at a distinct disadvantage with my wife because she has the boobs that feed him.

So what was on my mind tonight was art and what exactly makes something art. Now I will never say that I am a person that is or even pretends to be artistic in any way, but some things just really draw me in. I am not sure if those things that draw me in are in fact art or if some who is into art would just shake their hipster heads in disgust. But my theory is that art is what make you say hell yea that is awesome, or something like wow I would hang that in my house right this instant. Now for me I love pop art I love the Andy Warhol idea , take something normal and basically give it right back to you but with colors or a riff on something in pop culture, I cant get enough stuff like

Now is that art i am not sure but I like it. I like it when people take a simple idea or two simple ideas and blend them into something enjoyable. Another thing I like is re imagining of concepts like

I cant get enough of it. But is it really art. Or i guess the bigger question is do I really give a shit what is art or what is not …I am thinking the answer to that is no.

So anyway short post I hope to get back at it a little more. Even if no one ever reads this, sometimes its good just to type some stuff out. Why keep it all rattling inside.

Now onto some thing I have been reading and listening to.

First reading I am reading the Song of Fire and Ice series from George R.R. Martin and watching the HBO show a Game of thrones which is based on the book. First off if you haven’t read the books or just watched the first season but never read the books…please do. It is fantastic and well worth the thousands of pages in the series. Even my ” I don’t really care for fantasy wife is hooked ” so it must be good


well right now on kid duty I have been watching lots of wow wow wubzy not sure if that counts

Game of Thrones – best show on tv right now

Firefly – I cant believe I missed out on this show nerd self should be really disappointed


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