Grayson Marshall

You know I thought to myself after having my daughter how can I find the love inside me to love another child when I love her so much. After that I met my little Cashman and was like well that was easy he is awesome and I love him just as much. The same thought crept in again as we prepared to meet little Grayson but as I sit here looking over at him he makes my heart melt. He is wonderful and perfect and I feel so blessed that I get to have him always. I am thankful my wife has blessed me with three beautiful children she is tough beautiful and amazing( editorial note my wife has started editing this blog not this post because she is in a hospital bed,(( because I have terrible grammar and punctuation)) but had nothing with the addition of that comment she is awesome) Now the mushy stuff is out-of-the-way here are some of my other thoughts.

Coming from a sports-centric family I view many things through the prism of a coach or athlete. Before Grayson my wife and I had the kids fairly well covered, man to man coverage. With the addition of a third I have to teach my wife the intricacies of playing zone defense. Now I am a fan of the zone, but it only works when the whole team clicks and understands thier assignments. Zone defense is all about being in the right place at the right time, and the same holds true while parenting. My daughter is cautious and thoughtful in her approach to life so she gets the soft side of the zone, you don’t forget about her but you also don’t need to focus all your attention that way. My older son is a ball of fire, a human wrecking ball with no thought for his safety while performing any task. So my first instinct is to move the bulk of the pressure over to his side leaving my daughter with an opportunity to beat the coverage. The issue with that logic is my daughter is a skilled tactition a sniper forgetting about her could cost you the game. Now Grayson is here,and while he is little,he demands more coverage and unfortunately I do not match up well with a baby. His mom is better equipted to handle that( mammaries) So my thought is you play Cash with a little bump and run make sure he knows you are serious and a little physical just to keep him honest and slide over the hook zone and be on the look out for the unassuming daughter across the middle.

Next problem is the fact that I have two boys nows. Having two boys in ancient times was a sign of your prowess as a man. My issue is I am not very manly, I just don’t have that built into my DNA. I do like sports, beer, boxing, scotch, guitars, and other things of varying degrees of manliness. I just worry about being able to teach my boys some of the things that I wished I knew how to do. Fix a car, build a house ( hell even fix something in a house) These are things I have tried to do with little success and mostly failures. I would like to help my boys to be the most well rounded kids they can be. I do have things I can show them. Music, I love music I love playing my guitars and singing( my wife also plays and sings the difference is she sings beautifully and I sing tolerably)  and just listening to music. I am not worried at all that my boys will have music in their lives. Sports I love to watch and play most sports. My family like I stated before is a sports-centric family I have a member of the family that can teach my kids any sports they want to learn with few exceptions, and with those exceptions I am sure my mom could coach them, because I am convinced she can coach any sport because she understands how to motivate people. So I have a couple of things covered. But that still leaves the fix-it side of parenting and I know I have spent some time already talking about this and maybe it isnt that big of a deal. I guess I can work on my kids being smart, interesting ,fun, funny, musical ,and awesome and they wont have to worry about learning how to fix things because they can pay people to do these tasks. Is that a cop out?? Probably but we will see. So without further ado here is a little bit of Grayson Marshall

Well that is all for now here are some things that I have been listening to and watching while in the hospital.


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The occasional thoughts of a regular dad just trying to make sense of it all. I have 3 kids and a giant black polar dog. My wife is forced to endure my inane thoughts and musings all the time, blogging might give her a break. *Caution will contain grammar and Sellpnig Errors* View all posts by fatherofthreemasterofnone

2 responses to “Grayson Marshall

  • Shannon Coles - your cousin by marriage :D

    You have nothing to worry about, Vernon. Teaching your sons to be a man has nothing to do with being able to fix things. What they need to learn is how to be loving, honest, hard working, devoted, how to laugh, love life & how to treat others. You’re the perfect man for that job, Vernon.

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