Happy Birthday Johnny Cash

I will keep this post short and sweet like the man I am talking about. Johnny Cash is an American icon, hero to me and his music will forever be a part of my life. Johnny was what America is essentially good, but struggling with demons. Johnny was a story-teller and he told the stories people needed to hear and those songs still resonate today. Without the man in black in our lives I feel there is a hole missing in our society, a hole that used to be filled with a man who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and tell you how things really were. A man who was a patriot that loved his country but wasn’t sure we needed to be sending off those boys to die in Vietnam. He played songs for criminals because he knew that they are still humans despite some of the poor choices they may have made. He loved God but always took the religion side of it  with a grain of salt. Johnny you will be missed.

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