The why of it ??

I decided to start blogging rather impulsively, I tend to say and spout nutty things that mostly my wife is the only victim. That is of course unless she posts them as context-free quotes from her husband on her Facebook page, so i am thinking that maybe blogging will help bring about some context to some of these ideas and thoughts.

I had several ideas for stories/movies recently. Here is the problem, I tend to be more of an idea guy not much on the follow through of said idea. I also am not much of a writer I can think through an idea but I know my grammar is not up to par for some of the grammar policemen that wander spouting critiques on every comment that they see, and only through the grace of spell check can I get most of the words spelled correctly. That all said here are my ideas…..

First idea I was thinking of a police procedural but a different setting . Abroad in war times. The protagonist of the story is a man who seemingly lives a normal life and for familiarity after the fact all of the people asked will mention to the reporters that he just seemed quiet but a nice enough guy when you talked to him. But as with any twisted soul he is carrying a dark secret with him as he enlists….ready for the first reveal …he likes to kill people in fact he feels that he has to kill people its his “dark passenger” I know I know dexter but that term is just for clarity. During boot camp he keeps things kind of under wraps an accident that seems strange here and a guy who goes AWOL there. But finally he is off to war. With the chaos and confusion he is able to move about almost freely offing people as often as the urge arises. The hero in my story is a young soldier in his platoon let’s make him from the mid west somewhere good ol american blue-eyed boy, a hero of his small town leaving the local police force to join the military to do his part to serve his country. When he first meets the killer he just gets the bad vibe something about this guy he just doesn’t like. He tells some of his buddies( comic relief best friend a sex crazed know it all from New York or maybe a loud redneck from Texas hmm ) about how he feels and they just pass it off as the naive emotions of a fish out of water. Smash cut to many scenes of our killer doing horrible things and the aftermath being passed off as tragedy of war events. Our hero decides to look into himself when his buddy(the redneck/loud mouth) gets killed in a horrible way. Move to climactic investigation than final showdown with the killer that ends with of course the hero saving the day and doing the right thing by turning him over to the authorities. Of course I think it has to scar(maybe literally??) the hero in someway but I will work out those beats another time( no I won’t)

Second Idea my wife and i had to buy a new car the other day. That is what the .75 in the number of my kids is about when he becomes the whole number and a third child we were not going to have enough room in our old car bye-bye Subaru. Anyway the idea came from when the sales person was trying to sell us gap insurance. In short creating macabre scenarios that resulted in using taking a total loss on the car the minute we left the dealership and this insurance will be the only thing to save us certain doom. So my second idea was a man or maybe for a change of pace a woman?? anyway a person is selling insurance and tragedy befalls them and is the straw that breaks the camels back and they go off the deep end. They decide that the people who choose not to buy insurance deserve the bad things that happen to them, or so it starts after a while they decide to make the people who choose not to take care of themselves pay at their hands. You don’t want that full coverage WHAM your car is destroyed. You laugh at fire insurance your house is burned down. Scoff at life insurance he or she will make the people you love pay. Rough idea but I think it would if I could string together a sentence.

When I told my wife of these ideas I said “I would read a story like this” and she replied back of course you would it was your idea” dammit she is probably right

Unrelated to all of that my favorite new album of February a band called the Civil Wars. Its pitch perfect harmonies and I can’t get enough for it. Suggested song to download to get a taste “Barton’s Hallow” check it out and don’t let the Bieber win


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