The Revolution will not be televised……but

It’s going to be blogged, facebooked, twittered, strung across the news with user taken videos with cell phones and flip cameras. We live in an age where almost every move we make, thought we have, and stance we take can instantly be uploaded, criticized, validated and twisted. The Government was overthrown in Egypt with Twitter and the fights in Libya and Wisconsin are being followed on facebook and youtube. Instant information and all of it we can possibly want But is that a bad thing?? I have heard it said many times that as a culture we are going down the tubes on the highway to hell.  But have things really changed?? I am not convinced they have changed at all. Lets go back in the way back machine and take a look at a few examples. Lets go back first to tribes with their ritual slaughter, sacrificing the virgin and the state of almost constant warfare. They had almost no access to information. The information they had something that an old dude in the tribe decided was worth sharing and of course it was shared in whatever tone or angle suited the man(sounds like cable news). Jump ahead awhile and we land in Ancient Rome the age of enlightenment philosophers and watching people get devoured by lions and games that ended in death sounds like fun. Our great forefathers the men who created the greatest country on earth and they thought people with some pigment in their skin were less than fully human. I could go on and on with the examples (Christians witch burning crusades KKK)  I think the fact is that now we are all confronted with the oppression the dictators  of the world their power is being deflated. Now the whole world can watch and say hold up this is bullshit you don’t get to treat people this way.

But the point is as a society I think we are getting better, but now all and I mean all of our dirty deeds are being documented. Everyone gets a chance to comment on a news story half of it is insane ramblings about a quarter is trolls trying to get a response and somewhere in the midst of that a few people are trying to have a real discussion.  The adage if it bleeds it leads has been around since I am sure news began, but now with a 24 hour news cycle they have to fill space so now if it bleeds it leads all day until someone famous gets arrested or more bloodshed and death. But for the most part those are the small stories the stories of redemption and hope are not interesting enough to make a show about (but Jersey Shore is ??) This winter when the east coast had their major snow storm I was reading on twitter about Mayor Cory Booker of Newark New Jersey( someone from Jersey who deserves a show) He was documenting the good people of Newark(and himself) as they helped dig out and rescue their fellow citizens. Not a peep on the news …. here is a mayor of a major American city actually being a servant of the people and nothing. Some may argue that it’s not newsworthy and their in-lies the problem we the people choose what is popular. The same people who went crazy for the macarana , the Chia pet, and Pet Rock. We the people who made Elvira by the Oakridge boys a number gotdamn number one song on the music charts. We make the top-selling magazines the glossy ones that shows celebrity gossip and who is divorcing who.

So ultimately its up to us we get to decide. There is a line from a song by the band against me! that has always stuck with me the line goes something like “we can be the bands that we are wanting to hear”. So instead of complaining that the world is a terrible place and we are all going to hell. Make a choice to be part of what you want the world to be. Just sitting around with your faith is a waste of time faith without works is dead.Use this information super wave for important things(and not just porn) Share happy moments share ideas share love. Be a part of the revolution and it will be televised…….

Now something different this post has made me feel like some old Punk rock music. I know that by admitting this next part I am admitting that I am not cool but those who know me already know that. I don’t have an IPOD or Ianything for that matter. My MP3 player is a Zune I know what is a Zune, but let me explain. First cheaper than IPOD. Second same memory capacity as IPOD. Third music subscription service so instead  of buying a song a dollar at a time( or steal them know who you are) I just download what I want when I want for the price of a cd a month. Unlimited downloads. So far i am over 78,000 downloads I just get a whim of something I want to hear and boom it’s there. Perfect for a music nerd like me. Anyway back to the punk Rock my Top 10 old school punk rock records( in no Particular order)

1. Ramones – Ramones

2. London Calling – The Clash

3. Damaged – Black Flag

4. Suffer – Bad Religion

A grey album cover has the band name "Descendents" in large, bold, capital letters across the top. Across the bottom, in smaller capital letters, is the title "Milo Goes to College". In the center of the cover is a line drawing caricature of singer Milo Aukerman, illustrated from the shoulders up wearing a collared shirt and tie. His neck is slender and curves out as it heads upward, ending at the rims of a pair of rectangular glasses. The top of his head is not drawn, but his hair is represented by a series of short vertical lines above the glasses. His eyes and nostrils are represented by small black dots, and his mouth by a horizontal line drawn across the neck.

5.  Milo Goes to College – Descendents

6. Singles Going Steady – The Buzzcocks

7. Rocket To Russia – The Ramones

8. Los Angeles – X

9. Repeater – Fugazi

10. Mommy’s Little Monster – Social Distortion


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